A Post About Connection and Gratitude

I’ve written about this idea in one way or another quite a few times now, but it’s certainly one that bears repeating. And it’s one that has been wrapping me up in a big ol’ poncho of wonderfulness over the last few days, so why not write about it again?

There is, indeed, a lot in this world to be concerned about, to be sad about, to be spit-bubblingly pissed about these days. It’s a bunch of bullshit, I know.

But, really, it’s not.

The thing is, there’s more to be happy about, more to find beauty in, and more to love. We are surrounded by infinite abundance. We are walking, glowing balls of radiant energy. We have so much to celebrate.

Life is a gift, despite all the signs that seem to say otherwise. At least it can be, if you can keep in mind what really matters.

I have been reminded of this a lot lately. And I have been reminded so much that the people with whom we have connected are what make this journey what it is. It is those connections – our families, our friends, everybody – that provide our lives with depth and brilliance.

My life is better because of the people in it. So is yours. Simple.

Call this a gratitude post.

Last Sunday my wife and I walked back in the door from an amazing moment in our lives. Not only did we get to spend an entire weekend together on a magical and seemingly deserted island by ourselves, but we got to do so while celebrating our tenth anniversary. To think that I have been with her for ten years now is staggering. This is a person without whom I could not breathe and with whom I am more in love now than I ever have been. I cried a bunch.


So, when we walk in the house I see a card from one of my oldest and closest friends. He was my roommate in college and has been right there with me ever since. We’ve been through a lot as we have really grown up together. This man is my brother in every sense of the word short of biological. I figured the card was an invitation or something of the sort. Then I opened it to find a note acknowledging the passing of twenty years since we became friends and the significance that friendship holds. Such a simple, yet beautifully moving thought. I cried when I read it and when I called him.


Last night I sat down at the computer and found posted the TED talk (linked down below) by another old friend who has had a terribly significant impact on my life. His is a life dedicated to spreading love. As a prolific participator in the online world (and life itself, for that matter), he has walked the path of something of a love shaman. In the talk, he tells his story of gratitude, of his grandfather and of his path. It is wonderfully moving stuff, as his contributions to our collective consciousness always are. Take the time out of your day to watch the video. I did twice. Cried both times.


Tonight my wife and I went to our girls’ school for a kind of open house. While open houses are usually not on the list of parents’ favorite things to do, this school is a special place. It’s a Montessori school, which I think is a beautiful method of educating children, and it is a very warm place to be physically, but that isn’t really why it’s so special. It’s the people. Every day I know that my daughters are safe, respected and deeply loved. And my girls know it, too. Tonight it was the parents’ turn to explore the classrooms, learn the lessons and talk with the teachers. As impressed as I was with the structure and curriculum, though, I was overwhelmed by the teachers. They glow with love and enthusiasm for our children. I cried at least 4 times.


The details of life on this big, complicated rock sometimes can overshadow what really matters and make you forget to look with your heart, not your eyes. This last week I was fortunate enough to be given some wonderful reminders.

Life isn’t about money or politics or stuff. It’s not about schedules or accomplishments or diversions. Life is about love. And love is the people that are all around us.

I am so fortunate to have experienced all of the connections I have in my life. As I continue on this journey, I am finding a deeper understanding of and greater access to all the beauty, love and happiness that life can bring. It feels real and permanent in a world that can often seem anything but. None of that exists without the people in my life.

And for that I am grateful.


About Mitchell Brown

I am a stay at home dad with my two daughters who are a lot stronger than they look. When I'm not cooking, cleaning, dancing, reading, teaching, playing or protecting my eyes and groin, I am writing about this whole experience in all of its ridiculousness.
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2 Responses to A Post About Connection and Gratitude

  1. Meka says:

    Those in your life are grateful for you. Grateful that you write these words to inspire and remember that it is ok to feel. Grateful that you love their children as if they were your own. Grateful that you share your children and your time with them. Grateful for the smile and hug that says that you ooze love and compassion. Just sayin:)

  2. mudly says:

    Hey grateful guy! I’m grateful I get to read your words. Grateful I know you. Grateful to have felt your cyber hug the day I announced we were giving up YOjam.

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