I Don’t Hate Valentine’s Day

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day.

I really don’t. Though, it would be pretty easy to muster up some negative feelings about it. Especially considering that its modern face is complete bullshit.

It’s not the weapons-of-mass-destruction, hope-and-change, give-me-your-bank-account-number-and-my-uncle-who-is-the-Prime-Minister-of-Nigeria-will-send-you-$712-million kind of bullshit, mind you. Rather, Valentine’s Day these days is bullshit because it, like pretty much everything else, has been co-opted to make a buck. (See also: Christmas, health care, water, food, air, etc.) And that isn’t to say anything about the story that is sold to women that they are loved if, and only if, they get a bunch of red stuff and the one sold to men that a quick trip to the mall will get her in the sack. (See: Zales – The You’ll Never Get Any If You Don’t Buy Some Shiny Shit Store).

But, honestly, that isn’t enough to make me hate Valentine’s Day. Such is the nature of the world and the nature of advertising. If I let myself get all lathered up (like I used to) about lies such as these then I would be a pretty miserable person to be around about 23 ½ hours a day (like I used to be).

I also could touch on the “Hallmark Holiday” angle and get all bunched up (like I used to) (ok, I’ll stop) about it being an invented holiday, created solely to sell shit for the aforementioned women to the aforementioned men. Then I did some research (Wikipedia counts, right?) and it turns out that it wasn’t so much the company that writes a bunch of inane blather in cards for people who can’t write their own inane blather that made Valentine’s Day the love-in/prerequisite dinner for two that it is. It was friggin’ Chaucer. Sure, The Canterbury Tales were beyond me in high school, too, but I’m willing to give Geoff more wiggle room than I would Hallmark.

(Apparently, there were something like three or four real Saint Valentines and not a one of them had anything to do with love – or chocolate)

So, where am I going with this, you undoubtedly are wondering? This all actually does have a point (despite the appearance that this is the work of a half dozen monkeys with a penchant for parenthetical phrases banging away at a keyboard).

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day because Valentine’s Day is about love.

Despite the empty promises and the 45 minute wait at The Outback and all of the other bullshit, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to consider love. Just consider it. Think about it.

Who do you love? And why? Now tell them.

This world is full of bullshit (See: election year) and always will be. If that is all you pay attention to then all you get out of it is a nasty outlook and dirty shoes. The world is also full of love. Just look around – it’s everywhere.

So, think of someone you love today and tell them how you feel. It doesn’t have to be your romantic partner – love is bigger than that. What about your friend or your mom or your neighbor or your classmate in mime school? The great thing about love is that it isn’t limited to people you are involved with or that have stuff shaved into their back hair.

Don’t do it because it is Valentine’s Day, do it because the people we love and who love us are all we’ve got and they are all that matters. Do it because today you are alive and you have the astonishing privilege to love. Then do it again tomorrow.

Just don’t go to Zales, for cryin’ out loud.

image credit: hellocotton.com, extremefunnypictures.com


About Mitchell Brown

I am a stay at home dad with my two daughters who are a lot stronger than they look. When I'm not cooking, cleaning, dancing, reading, teaching, playing or protecting my eyes and groin, I am writing about this whole experience in all of its ridiculousness.
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11 Responses to I Don’t Hate Valentine’s Day

  1. meka says:

    “Who do you love”…made me start singing George Thorogood . ” Come on take a walk with me child and tell me who do you love “..shaking a little tailfeather now. Thank you for brightening my morning.

    You should already know this …I love you.

    I love this post. I wish more people had this outlook.

  2. Adam says:

    A great read to start me on my day (and I love all those monkeys that you keep pretending don’t exist, but hey, they’re clever)! You totally talked me out of going to Zale’s today, even if it means I have almost zero chance of getting laid tonight. I love you man!

    • On behalf of Mitchell, we scribe monkeys here at Thoughtful Pop would like to say that we aren’t getting enough credit and don’t appreciate his denial of our existence. A failure to rectify this oversight on his part will result in a general strike and concerted feces chucking. Also, it is our opinion that if you need Zales to close the deal then you probably don’t deserve any anyway. That is all – Happy Monkey Love Day.

      P.S. Mitchell says he loves you, too.

  3. talleygilly says:

    So true, I just wrote a post yesterday in a similar vein – so glad you share the same thoughts about spreading the love around on V-Day and beyond! -A

  4. Carol Brown says:

    As one who has witnessed plenty of your lathering and bunching in the past, I am so happy that you are beginning to see there might be a smidgin’ of good in Valentine’s Day. We can all use reminders to express what is in our hearts. Hope my Valentine’s cards arrived to tell your family how I feel. You really need to let Hallmark off the hook a bit and give some blame to Target. They had quite a display going.

  5. Mud Bailey says:

    Love you Mitchell. And I love having the privilege to do so.

  6. Robyn says:

    Hahaha.. this is PERFECT. Agree completely 🙂

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