I Don’t Feel Like An Enemy Combatant

Interesting times, these.

There is a lot going on. As the ‘we’ part of this planet is about to count 7 billion members, there seems to be a lot to pay attention to, a lot of energy and vibration and stirring and rumbling. And there seems to be a lot of shit to worry about.

For more than ten years now there has apparently been this pesky ambiguity called ‘terror’ peeking in our window while the governmedia stands beside us and screams. Global economies, those other omnipresent yet really hard to define boogey-persons, are collapsing on themselves, threatening to swallow us all while people with microphones again point and scream. Revolutions are rising and falling and corporations are raping our horses and riding off on our women. Temperatures are rising and falling and polar bears are eating each other more than usual. Our food and water supplies are poisoned. Our air is polluted. Secretive international bodies are scheming. Magnetic fields are shifting. Solar storms are brewing. Galaxies are aligning. Cops are pepper spraying. Even the birds and the bees, who have always been so cooperative, are falling out of the sky and disappearing, respectively.

The plot, as it were, is thickening.

And now something called the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act is evidently going to collectively pants us, throw us in the Gulag and roll up the Bill of Rights for use in the bathroom stalls on Capital Hill.

Good times.

Now, I don’t mean to trivialize any of this, nor am I interested in debating the reality of the current state of affairs – I have my beliefs and you have yours, neither of which have any bearing on what is really going on. At the end of the day, no one really knows what the truth is because, unless you have first-hand knowledge of both the what AND the why of all of these circumstances, you are taking someone else’s word for it and so am I. That said, I may or may not be stocking non-perishable food supplies for my family.

All of that aside, the hysteria that is the byproduct of these current events, whether real or imagined, is exhausting. And counterproductive. And unhealthy.

So, what to do with it all?

I don’t have the first clue.

Okay, that isn’t entirely true. I have quite a few ideas about what is going on, why it is all happening and what we can do to try to piece it back together. But the answers for everyone are not the same and probably not going to come from some dopey blogger with no paying job who doesn’t shower on a daily basis.

There is, however, one thought I have that I do think is worth sharing and will go a long way toward addressing this cacophonous shit-storm. It isn’t a macro solution that is going to miraculously fix the world and render career politicians and attorneys useless (there are actually two great ones, after all – namely, my pop and a guy who reminds me a lot of my pop). I’m not going to put forth any ideas for overhauling our political system or abandoning a capitalistic paradigm. I’m also not going to call for an ouster, violent or otherwise, of our government or those who are really in power (especially considering the ‘restructuring’ of civil liberties and that whole Gulag thing).

This is a solution on the ‘you and me’ order of things, working from the ground up. This is an idea to improve each of our lives individually which will, in turn, benefit the whole.

Ready? All right, here it is – love everybody.

No, seriously. Love. Everybody.

If we all made the conscious effort to come from a place of love in everything we do then things will change. Period.

I’ll grant you my hippie may be showing right now, but I don’t think it is such a funny idea (neither did Elvis Costello and that dude wrote ‘Alison’, so he’s pretty hard to argue with).

Now, you’ll notice I didn’t say “like”, I said “love” – there’s a difference. “Like” implies that you assent and might want to subscribe to their newsletter. That’s not what I’m talking about. Liking someone is not a prerequisite for loving them. Just look at your family. Coming from a place of love means to honor the beauty and divinity within each of us, to respect their rights as a being no greater and no lesser than anyone else, to see in everyone a universal vibration, to know that we are all in this together. Yes, even the assholes.

That guy that cut you off at the light? Love him.

That woman at work that jacked your sandwich? Love her.

The kid in your neighborhood that always glares at you? Love him.

The thief, the liar, the cheat? Love, love, love.

The CEO, the senator, the banker? More love.

The d-bag who is about to sign into law a revocation of some of the basic principles this country was founded upon? Love.

Newt Gingrich? Yep, even him.

So, there it is. I think that if we as a planet can begin to see that everyone around us is just another version of us, flaws and all, we might be all right. In a world founded on love, hate and fear cannot exist. And without those two things no amount of pepper spray, legislation or screaming microphones with perfect hair can keep us from moving forward. Hell, maybe the polar bears will even stop eating each other.

Try it – next time you feel yourself picking sides, stop and say “I love you” and start over. You never know.

Namaste, y’all. I love you.


About Mitchell Brown

I am a stay at home dad with my two daughters who are a lot stronger than they look. When I'm not cooking, cleaning, dancing, reading, teaching, playing or protecting my eyes and groin, I am writing about this whole experience in all of its ridiculousness.
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13 Responses to I Don’t Feel Like An Enemy Combatant

  1. Kevin says:

    I Love this.

    But, Newt? Really? Do I have to?

    • Thanks, Kevin.

      And, yeah, sorry about that Newt thing. Look at it like this…..if you can manage to love him, you will be capable of loving anyone or anything – like Scott Stapp or dysentery.

  2. Michael Amy says:

    Well stated Mitchell …love it, simple and universal to all…

  3. Brother David says:

    Brother Father,
    I Love You. (and thanks for …)

  4. meka says:

    I love this…I love you…i’m working my way to loving a few others who are less than desirable. That’s. The point though right? Work towards love and from a place of love. I tell the little people in my house that if we aren’t working from a place of kindness and compassion then we need to change course. Maybe I need to change my verbage to love,kindness and compassion. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I love hearing them.

    • I love you so much, Meka.

      That idea was very much in my mind as I wrote this – and I know that I have a long way to go before I can say that I am living a life of always coming from a place of love. Loving those “who are less than desirable” doesn’t come easy – as we all know – but I believe it does come with great benefit to us all. Still doesn’t mean I have to like them, though. 😉

  5. Well, this post is likable purely because it has a link to the Alison song!
    But also because you speak a lot of truth here. All hate, aggression, and conflict comes from one side feeling unloved, not dignified, not heard in some way shape or manner. And if you could get even just 50% of the world to come from a place of love it would make a huge difference.
    But alas, such is the human condition that loving in the manner you are describing – truly putting your point aside and “honor the beauty and dignity” of another is some tough stuff and impossible for many.
    But for what it’s worth you can count me in — except maybe not regarding those people raping our horses!

    • ‘Alison’ makes damn near anything likable. I thought that might work in my favor when presenting such an idea. 🙂

      I know this may be a smidge overly optimistic (something I am not often accused of being), but I think if we all just try we might be surprised at what comes of it. And ‘impossible’ is a nasty word.

  6. Carol Brown says:

    Such a worthy goal, to love everyone. So difficult to do when you feel the actions/ideas/words another is sending forth come from hate or greed or untruthfulness. I guess I’d better try harder to set a good example for my children, one of whom seems to have evolved far beyond my basic rule of behavior-“if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. You make me proud.

  7. Maggie Batt says:

    We love you Mitchell! Thanks for telling the universal truth. Love really does make the world go round.

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